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YAWD, let you download new wallpaper from different sources. YAWD will also automatically change your desktop background.

YAWD use the following site to download new wallpaper :

The application start minimized ins your system tray and you will show the following icon :


Right click on the icon will show you this menu :


Menu Options :

  • Open :

This option will open the main window :


  • Change Wallpaper :

This option will change the current wallpaper randomly, according to the folders you selected in the options.

  • Exclude Current Wallpaper :

This option will exclude the current wallpaper from the list of selected wallpaper, and choose a new one randomly.

  • Delete Current Wallpaper :

This option will delete the current wallpaper from your file system and choose a new one randomly.

  • Show Current Wallpaper :

This option will open the current wallpaper with your default image browser.

  • Download Wallpaper:

This option will download new wallpaper from all providers.

  • Close :

This option will close the application.

Main Windows :

  • Menu :


  • Options :


    • Providers Configuration :

Here you can select witch site you want to use to download images. This selection will also be use for auto-download.


    • Preferences :

Here you can define your preference for the application :

- Autostart with windows : If checked YAWD will be launched automatically when windows start.

- Change wallpaper: Set when you want your desktop background to be changed.

- Save image to : Define where the downloaded wallpaper will be stored.

- Auto Update : Set when you want to download all the new wallpaper from providers.



    • Manage Selection Folder :

From here you can choose folders locations of your wallpaper. Folders content will be used to display randomly your wallpaper. You can add new folder path using the “Add” Button. You can remove folder path by clicking a checkbox at the left of the folder path and select “Remove” button.


  • Skin : (not yet implemented)

  • Language :


From here you can change the language of the application.

  • About :

Just some information's about us.



  • Donate :  imageClick here if you like this program.

  • Providers Row :

From here you show all the image you already download from the site. You will show also the used Url (Used Url), the last time you click on Update or Get all button (Last Update), the id of the last image you download (Last Image).



  • Get All :

By clicking the “Get all” button, you will download all the wallpaper available for the site. You site only the first time, after prefer the update button.

  • Update :

By clicking the “Update Button”, you will download all the wallpaper since the last time you download wallpapers.

  • Image :

When you move the mouse over a downloaded picture, icons will appears providing several options :


    • image Exclude : This option will exclude the selected wallpaper from the list of selected wallpaper to display.

    • imageDelete : This option will delete the selected wallpaper from your file system .

    • imageSet : This option will set the selected wallpaper as windows wallpaper.

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myCollections Aug 3, 2011 at 1:29 PM 

Could you please give me more informations about themes ?

hinichmen Aug 2, 2011 at 10:53 AM 
I like the idea of having several backgrounds to choose from, but I think it would be cool to integrate a theme change with the background. Some backgrounds could have themes attached to them which would change the user's desktop theme to match the background image.